19 July 2011

who on earth would want to be famous??

Greetings all,
Watching the news, filled with phone taps scandals & IT hacking into the personal lives of the rich & famous, i have to ask . . . who on earth would want to be caught up in that??  I cringe when i hear reports of . . . when little children are asked "what to you want to be when you grow up" & they respond "i want to be famous".  Why?? 
This News Limited nightmare of journalists trying anything, at all costs, to get personal celebrity stories is just hideous.  Now the highest ranking police officers from Scotland Yard are resigning as they can't recover from the speculation of their involvement (um, dining a dozen times with the News of the World heads, taking 5 WEEK spa holidays at the newspaper's expense - yes, it's all dodgy) & what - the whistle blower has been found dead in his home overnight.  Are you kidding me??  This is way out of control.  For a story, to sell newspapers??
Don't even get me started on the potential of tapping into the phones of the families who lost allied soldiers in the Middle Eastern wars, that is outrageous!!
So who on earth would want to be that famous & at the mercy of such cut throat desire to expose your personal life??  
Wearing a disguise like this isn't going to help you if your mobile phone is hacked!!
I can honestly say, i'm so not interested in celebrity lives, kind of happy rocking my own little world & focusing on my family instead of what celebrities are doing.  Even worse, the reality star celebrity, i'm still confused at why they are famous anyway.  If they are pretty, can't they just say they are a model, with a brand extending to perfume, calendars & maybe a clothes range??  How does that make them a mega celebrity, photographed at every turn??  Or their parents/ siblings/ pets famous too??  Who is feeding the machine that wants to see the pictures of them shopping/ eating/ dancing/ drinking/ pashing/ holidaying anyway??  Don't get me started on them selling their own sex tapes, shudder, do they have no respect?? 
I had a giggle when everyone was oohhing & aahhing about David Beckham taking a photo of his wife & brand new baby girl, promptly sharing it with the world - i said to my husband "do you think when Victoria woke up, David said in a creepy voice "i've been taking photos of you while you were sleeping"??"  Actually, i can't imagine David doing a creepy voice, his voice is too high pitched & squeaky, but still, i'm sure Victoria is glad she wasn't dribbling & was sleeping with mascara on.  It's a gorgeous image, clearly Victoria at her most natural state.
Fame is a beast, even in small town doses.  I do love the Tshirts which read "i'm famous on line" as i've met some big time bloggers & web shop owners in my time, who strut about & carry on like they are up there with Lady GaGa!!  A little side note on Lady GaGa, what is not to love about someone using her 'freak' status (i mean that in every way - freakishly popular & talented, to her freak show wardrobe & song choices).  If she makes just one out-of-place/ not-conforming-to-the-norm teenager feel less horrible & suicidal about themselves, all power to her & her little monsters.
Just to lighten up this post & maintain the weirdo factor - what kind of child picks up a tissue box cover, an Australian tasteful souvenir styled one & wears it as a hat??
Yes, he likes Lady GaGa too.  Yes, the children of Posie are shopping barefoot!!  You saw the images here first!!
So people, just enjoy who you are & be grateful you're not famous, your phone remains untapped & you can walk the streets without a tissue box cover over your face to save you from the papa-paparazzi.  Love Posie


clare's craftroom said...

Famous no thanks ! What a great post to start my day !

Janette said...

Great post Posie! And I know what you mean, it gives me the creeps to think of people getting their phones hacked and all so that us 'little' people will have something to read while we sit at the hairdresser - crazy!
I like the tissue box hat/gaga/disguise :)

m.e (Cathie) said...

heheee, ahh Ms Posie, you said it perfectly!
i would not want that at all. I like going out to put the rubbish bins out in my nightie without the paparazzi waiting for me!

Tai Tai said...

Loved this post Posie! I probably spend a little too much time reading about celebs. The whole concept of us as a soceity being SO obsessed is pretty fascinating in itself! I ADORE that photo of your little man - those dimples are something else ;) xx

Anonymous said...

Brilliant...llove...totally agree!!

Mama of 2 boys said...

I agree Posie, I think the celebrity life would really suck. I do think a handful of them handle it really well, they're discreet and respectful and generally keep their private lives as private as possible. I think it's pretty disgusting when journalism goes to those depths though... in fact, is it really journalism anymore once they're tapping into people's phones??? What the?!
I think Lady GaGa is quite brilliant also. I think she is uber talented and actually has a personality to go with it. Power to her!
Your little man is super cute in his Australiana inspired hat :o) xo

Erica said...
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Posie Patchwork said...

Yes, the only time i find i flick through the glossy trash magazines is at the hair dresser but i'd rather Vogue or a homey one, love Posie

BarefootBride said...

I totally agree with pretty much everything you said - but one thing. I doubt Mrs Beckham was actually asleep when her photo was taken. She is too careful with her public persona to allow something like that (like the 'unaware' photo of her sunbaking on her back with her belly exposed just recently - my belly was all veiny and stretch-marky at that stage - and it was too convenient to be done in the sun in b&W looking so comfortable).

Like your site.

supermac said...

I love this insight about celebrities and paparazzis. YOu also have such a wonderful shot of your kid there. Adoringly cute.