03 June 2011

things i'm loving 'high school sport'

Greetings all,
As i defrost this afternoon from a long day at a high school touch football gala, i am really loving my daughter's high school sports.  She struggles with the fact her school day has increased by an hour yet sports time has decreased (as her sports chauffeur, i assure you she is getting plenty of sports time!!) 
Today started like this . . . fog & mist & a very Scooby Doo Mystery Machine kind of road trip to the Touch Football Fields in Deakin (near the Mint & via the Prime Minister's Lodge).  We couldn't tell who was getting 'touched' down the other end of the field, it was so spooky/ creepy.  This photo was taken at 11a.m.!!
My children are sporty, but at the primary school level, i'm happy for them to stick to the school organised carnivals & not seek out extra weekend sport besides local Little Athletics.  The thought of splitting myself into 4 all over Canberra for each child & their chosen event, it just doesn't compute & car pooling is great but i'd want to watch them play - neverlone the after school practice sessions at various locations, it would kill me.  They have been very good about this, knowing high school sport is where they'll shine.  So i'm loving the sporting opportunities that high school is providing.  This touch football was a one-day-only affair, but so exciting & she'll be back next year, no doubt in an even better coordinated team (before today they didn't even know each other's names!!) 
After the state cross country finals next week we're off to try our hands at Volleyball.  
Between the 5 matches they played, we froze in the grand stand on the waterproof picnic rug & wrapped in various layers of school jackets.  I'm discovering there aren't many housewives when it comes to high school.  I find this stage of raising children is a much bigger deal - homework, sports, personal development - as teenagers, i think they need you much more than when they are in primary school.  Anyway, I have no idea why i didn't compute "football" with "mud" & wore leather ballet flats in 5C & heavy fog??  I have the prettiest gum boots, i'll know for next time, see i'm a novice too!!  I'll also tuck my jeans into those boots, look at them, i'm off to the bath - I've never returned from a gala in this condition before!!
What is everyone else loving at Paisley Jade today??  Love Posie
EDIT: her team came 3rd & she scored a great try!!


circle retreat quilter said...

Hi, as a mother of 2 high schooler's i hate to tell you this but apparently your major use now is as chief cook and taxi driver. I am not to attend school sports days, swim carnival. etc. just pick up, drop off and dont wear the daggy track pants. please. x

PaisleyJade said...

Wow - you have been busy! I hope your weekend is slightly relaxing ;)

Thanks for joining in. xoxo

Felicity said...

Eurgh I'm shivering just looking at the foggy-misty image. You can't beet a good gumboot for watching winter sport AND I've learnt that lots of towels for the car ride home is a good plan too.

xx Felicity

deux chiens et un garcon said...

Dear Posie

Must be interesting this transition.

When I worked in Heaspace one of the youth workers there mentioned that he and his wife made an extra effort to be there for their teenage children, like after school and sport events as it was such a crucial time.

Yeh for the score!

x jill

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh yes, spare towels, take them on every adventure. Plus my son had snuck a blanket into the 3rd row, which came in very useful too. Oh it was just so foggy, mercifully no rain & not too soggy ground or wind. Love Posie

Simone - honeyandfizz said...

Can't believe that fog at 11am! Yes I love watching the kids sport but even with 2 kids there is a lot of travelling between games and training sessions. You are going to be busy! xx

Exquisite Accessories said...

Oh Posie I'm shivering looking at the picture it reminds me of England, hope you got to thaw out & remember the gub boots next time I bet your little toes were frezzing. She scored a try good girl Elaine :) x

Mimi said...

Great photo Posie! Just love foggy mornings. Mimi xx

BeachVintage.com said...

That first photo looks awfully cold Jen! My feet always freeze first when I am cold. It takes hours for them to defrost.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh my aching toes, my feet were wet & frozen, gave myself a foot spa, ahhhhhh, love Posie

The Humming Cat said...

Yep, I hear you, the ammount of driving I do to and fro for my 3, it's insane! But I love it, and watching them play. With working FT spending our afternoons / evenings and Saturdays out from 7.30am is bliss for me.

Kylie said...

Crumbs - I am going to feeze next year - Love the pic of the shoes:) 5degrees - could you feel your toes??? DH sent me an email the other day to report the weather (similar to yours) and that he was freezing.