09 June 2011

things i'm loving 'baskets of happiness' & my Gifts of Serendipity 'Six Senses Tour' feature

Greetings all,
Phew, what a week of market preparation.  If you could imagine the most fantastic market, only on once a quarter, 12 000+ people come-a-shopping in a massive, highly anticipated surge of handmade & handcrafted passion . . . well you'd understand the time i invest in production for such an event. 
Playing along with Paisley Jade's Things I'm Loving this Friday . . . basically it's 'basket porn'.
Mid week i picked up some new baskets from Provincial - picture French Provincial style at affordable prices, then 30% off this basket range = shopping spree!!  You can't present handmade goodness at such an upmarket event in broken down old baskets.  Ok, i might have broken/ stepped on a few baskets to make way for new ones, shhhh.  Presentation is everything, right??
 There are bread baskets, laundry basket, fruit crates, caddies & even a bicycle basket (with actual leather & brass fixings for your bike but i saw beyond that - i saw the perfect basket for my Liberty of London brooches).  All in that French-country-living shade of grey & linen, what is not to love??  Better yet, not a single thing i wouldn't use in my home, after market use.
 The charcoal tissue had these wrapped up inside - tea light caraffes.  I lit them tonight with some of those IKEA smelly fruity tea lights, quite pretty. 
 The glass carafes remind me of the wine my mother would buy in America, it had a jam jar kind of pull off lid.  She'd bring the carafes home in our luggage, they are EXACTLY like this, only with a base - these ones are bottomless & you place them over the lit tea lights.  Clever.  Just don't hold the wire holder by the handle, it's a bit, er, drunk, unbalanced & tipsy.
 I couldn't resist checking in on Revolve at the Tip just in case they had any decent baskets for my market wares.  Et voila, check out this bundle - one is even in the shape of a heart + another wooden caddy, perfect for my badge display.
 You see correctly, $10 for the lot, ten buckers!!
 Now i can't think of a single thing my husband will like in this post, he loathes my basket obsession, yet happily tosses his keys in them, socks in another, boots in the garage one . . . he'll come around.  To him they are like Tupperware, he insists he'll bury them with me. 
Have a gorgeous long weekend if you're in Australia, celebrating the Queen's April birthday in June, because that is when it suits us.  
If you're in my 'hood, join us on Saturday for the amazing Handmade Market at the National Convention Centre 10a.m. - 4p.m., which is just a short walk from . . . ANZAC Parade where at 10a.m. the Trooping the Colour is on, open to the public for the first time (it's a wonderful historic Royal Military College Parade honouring our Queen, normally at RMC by invitation only).  Oh that's a point, watch out for road closures around ANZAC Parade & Constitution Road Saturday morning.  Community Service Announcement over.
For those of you at the Handmade Business Summit, i'll see you at lunch.
Special mention that darling Felicity Serendipity has featured my Six Senses Tour of Canberra, check the post out, check her blog out, check out how wonderful Gifts of Serendipity makes you feel about your own dollups of lovely in your own life.  Thanks Felicity!!
Have gorgeous weekends everyone, love Posie


Thea said...

It's all lovely. I actually have 2 of those same carafes that I found in an Op Shop in Canada. I think I will keep their bottoms on though. I'm off to visit your 'Six Senses Tour'. x

Felicity said...

You make my head spin with your energy and enthusiasm and I can't wait to see the post-market post to join in all of your fun tomorrow.

Thank you for being such a terrific host for this week's 'Six Senses' tour, if I couldn't be in Canberra with you this was the next best thing.

Happy long weekend!

xx Felicity

Kerryanne English said...

What an exciting weekend lays ahead for you Posie. I'm lovin' your basket collection and fear that men in general don't get the whole basket obsession thingy. My Mr is exctly the same.
Hope tomorrow goes well for you.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

mel @ loved said...

I completely understand your basket obsession & what a gorgeous collection you have! Hope your long weekend is a great one, enjoy!!

Georgie said...

Gorgeous baskets and I love the candles in the carafes. Blogger is being painful and not letting me follow... I'll be back! gxo

Renee said...

Oh that basket collection made me sigh - beautiful!!!

Sarah B said...

What lovely goodies, no wonder you were so tempted. They'll make great displays for your market stall. It sounds like it's going to be one very frenzied market!

PaisleyJade said...

hehe. I love baskets!

quilary said...

You have a lovely long weekend too - good planning with the summit and market - you get an extra day to recover!

bee said...

You have a super lovely weekend too! Thanks so much for your gorgeous words and congrats on Elora :) I'm just loving being a mum already! Hope the market is a huge success for you! xo

Miss Prudence said...

Provincial - deadly for the wallet! I can't seem to leave there without something in my mitts!

Nikki said...

I am a total horder for things like baskets and little containers for things. Trinket boxes and beautiful wooden boxes are my fav at the mo :)

Kylie said...

Love the finds and that little shop in Canberra is devine:) I have the cutest lamp from there (I won a $200 christmas voucher from there when we lived there)
Good luck on the weekend - looking forward to seeing it all set up. LOL at the comments for DH, he loves and misses you (and tripping over all of those baskets:)

Kylie said...

Oh and it is called the Queens Birthday Weekend - but we celebrate it on the anniversary of her Corrination:) Apparently she doesnt even celebrate her birthday in April:) Odd that Royal family:)

Amy said...

I am loving your baskets.

I have drooled over the Provincial Website. I am yet to actually step foot in a store. One day

good luck for the weekend!

Brenda said...

I'm a basket lover too, and I can think of nothing sweeter than a basket full of handmade happiness!

Have a wonderful day Posie!

m.e (Cathie) said...

i love , love collecting bottles, any bottles, vases, you name it.
have also a bit of an obsession with baskets...not as bad as you though.
love that you will be taking them with you in another life ;)

lovely tour over at Felicitys.

wishing you a weekend of sunshine & yumminess ♥

Seaweed and Raine said...

Mmmm... And now I have a slight case of basket envy! lol
I love french inspired things. Must check out the shop.
Hope your weekend is amazing!
Seaweed&Raine xo

Seaweed and Raine said...

Hey do you have the website for Privincial? I think I need to start a Birthday wish list :)

Anonymous said...

Loved your baskets at Handmade today. And loved the FQs I bought too - your stall looked lovely & busy.

Thank you so much.