14 June 2011

it's the long weekend of bedroom swapsies

Greetings all,
So it's the long weekend, how many households got out their cordless drills & fixed something??  Me me me.  Remember how my 3rd daugther's bed broke & Harvey Norman replaced it a couple of weeks later . . . well another couple of weeks later i put the replacement together & finally spread the children into their own 4 bedrooms!!  I wasn't too sure/ capable/ game to pull apart our eldest daughter's fancy heavy French scrolly provincial bed so . . . i left that in her old room & put the new bed in her new room/ other half of my studio.  My husband can swap the beds over to the proper owners when he comes home in a month, our hero & he won't damage anything either.
 With my 3 trusty girls keen to get drilling, it took opening 3 boxes to find all the 'bits'.  Meanwhile, i had questions fired at me like "did Mr Allen invent the Allen key" & "does he know Mr IKEA??"  Oh honestly, thank goodness for Google, as all those questions were answered, or not, i just wasn't interested in the history of the Allen key or flat packed beds today, i'd already put this exact bed together twice, as bunks!!
 As they were bunks, now seperated into two single beds, there are extra side planks & ladders, all begging to be made into something amazing, hmmm . . . i have a vision (day bed, fancy chicken house, plant boxes) it might take a couple of years but they will be repurposed!!
 I decided to put the slats this way, so the black grippy part is close to the mattress/ stress, to see if it holds better??  Thank goodness my children are light or slats might be a disaster.  We've done ensemble bases before, i loathe how you can't vacuum under them.
 Our puppy likes to lie in the hay outside this window & the lunchtime sun pours in, it was quite toasty.  He watched on the whole day, from construction to decorating.
 Then the transplanting of wall decorations from one room to the next.
 The little touches like her Frenchy calendar came too.
 I twisted soft rose fairy lights around the bed head, they look so pretty lit up tonight.
 The pillow case is a Denyse Schmidt circa 2004 & doona cover is Quaker or Shaker style (no idea of the difference, i just like it) from Country Road in 1999, still in great condition.
 This is her real bed - it's soooo heavy & held together with serious bolts.
 Et voila, le chambre is coming together nicely, just ask our puppy.  It's a huge long space & by dinner her desk was set up too, but it's still 1/3 my 'stock room' for bulky materials like batting, tulle & cushion inserts, so as i use them up she'll get 100% ownership & spread out.  When my husband moves back to Canberra late next year, he'll bring his gorgeous King Delta II lounge & our teenager will score it in THIS room, how totally cool will that be for when she has friends over??
So what a weekend - a huge Handmade Market Saturday; a day on the lounge watching movies with the children Sunday, i even dozed off mid afternoon, ahhhhh, recovery . . . then 3 bedroom swapsies today.  Phew, thank goodness long weekends aren't every weekend.  Wishing you all a lovely short week, love Posie


Maxabella said...

You did it! I dread swapping the tsunamis's bedrooms over... but you just get in there and do it. It looks fab, Jen. x

Catherine said...

Wow your weekend was full on Jennie. It's a lot of work swapping but it's fun having a change too. The room looks very pretty, love the flower lights and I bet your girl loves her new room. xo

willow and moo said...

Looks great! I'm going to have to do that eventually. I think Moo will kick Will out of their room one day. :)

Taylor Made said...

We didn't have a long weekend here in WA but managed a flat packed laundry today...I am very excited.
You did a fab job by yourself oh and your helpers.

Kylie said...

Sounds like a busy and productive weekend. I didn't pull out the drill, but the Mr Allen's key was put to use with a tall storage unit from Mr Ikea:). Time has been spent on the couch with a sick little man and dealing with not so friendly furry friends in the roof (looking forward to the next two weeks speeding past so my handsome soldier can come home) oh and some knitting and finished off with Indian butter chicken that made the house spell Devine all day:) have a great week miss Jennie

Tammy said...

Busy, busy, busy. I'm loving the sounds of all your re purpose ideas!

Felicity said...

Brilliance yet again.
Your special touches have made this space so delightful and the promise of a teen 'hang out' zone will no doubt be a sweetener for not have the entire room to herself just yet.

Loving the bunting and the lights, it's not hard to imagine many sweet dreams happening here.

Happy day to you Mrs Inspirational.

xx Felicity

Simone - honeyandfizz said...

I did a bit of bedroom redecoration for Jaspers bedroom this weekend too. Why is it always a bigger job than we think it is going to be! Congrats on doing it yourself. Love those flower lights, very pretty xx

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a rather busy weekend :)
Whenever our children want to swap rooms now our big boys take charge of it all.


1000 Homes of Happiness said...

ahhh, clever! All of those drill bits, screws and the like scare me. How lovely to have all that sorted. Gorgeous bed and I love the flower lights. So pretty.

I wanted to also say a big thankyou Posie. I adore reading the comments you write on my blog. so...thankyou, for making the time to drop by and visit us.

Kellie xoxox

Cate said...

seriously impressive stuff!! You sure know how to do a working bee!!
such a productive weekend

polkadotpeticoat said...

It looks so wonderful! what a sweet fan she has watching all the progress!

Seaweed and Raine said...

You ARE wonderwoman! LOL Must be the season for it. Hubby and I have been talking about doing some room swapping with the boys to create an office/crafting space for me. It all looks fantastic. I'd love to see it with her french scroll bed in there :)
Enjoy the rest of your week (And take 5 to put your feet up would you? YOu are making the rest of us look lazy! LOL)

Amy said...

It looks fab Jennie!

We recently did room swapsies here, but I had hubby helping and we were both stuffed at the end of the day!