05 May 2011

my creative space 'cubby house bunting'

Greetings all,
Another Thursday, another Kootoyoo creative space to kick me into action.  Tomorrow i have 250+ gifts to prepare for the school's Mother's Day stall, so making some outdoor/ cubby/ doll's house bunting has been a welcome project.  Armed with scissors, pinking shears, ruler, blunt pencil (why can i never find a pencil & when i do they are blunt & the sharpener is missing??) & about 18 of the prettiest Mexican printed oil cloths a girl could hope for.  I picked up another 15 prints while on holiday in Brisbane, at Beach Vintage (thanks Simone!!)
 I had visions of ric rac edges & lined flags, but that can just add to the variety of the range in the future, for now, keep it simple!!
 Working with material that doesn't have threads is so dreamy.
 I zig zag stitched them onto pretty ribbons.
 Et voila!!  Fit for an outdoor cubby house.
 This is the mini version, these flags made up from remnants from cutting out the larger flags (that's the nothing-is-wasted-patchwork-quilte in me).
 Added a bit of nostaglia with some post it note clouds, perhaps a distraction from the poor lighting effort, i just wanted a quick post.
 I think these would be cute in a doll's house, non??
I'll be making a long version with the larger flags for our BBQ area, just for fun, something for my husband to shake his head at while he cooks.  Love Posie
PS i'll be back to link Kootoyoo in, i'm stuck & can't access her blog right now
EDIT: link seems to be working, poor Kirsty, living on the edge with her blog connectivity.
This bunting is not for the mother's day stall, i'm just doing up wholesale & inexpensive organic soaps, chocolates, soy candles etc & making them look a million dollars for profit to the P&C.  Amazing what a bit of stylish packaging (cello, raffia, washi tape, tissue paper) can do.
Finally, don't forget the lovely IKEA giveaway i have live, next post down, enjoy & good luck!!


Felicity said...

Ah clever you Posie.

Once again you've not only come up with a genius and totally delightful product but also blown me away with your blithe announcement that you have 250+ gifts to make for a Mother's Day stall! {actually it's really !!! x 1 000}

How you do it and be so calm is a total head-shaking inspiration. xx F

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

I can't get on either! Phew i thought it was only me :)

However, loving what you have been up to :) I have a half finished babushka bunting sitting on my table and you've just inspired me to get on with it hahahaha!!

Posie Patchwork said...

Should i also mention i'm resigning from the P&C after this event, it's been 3 great years of fundraising but time to focus on other things. Love Posie

Thea said...

I bought some oilcloth from Simone before Christmas exactly for the purpose of making bunting for our cubby house... alas, it's still sitting in my cupboard. I admire your creativity! x

Anonymous said...

Oh I do love the whimsical effect of bunting, a little pop of cheeriness to brighten any space.

The idea of using oilcloth is genius!! Good luck with getting the mother's day gifts done..in Brisbane we spent a few months getting ready for that type of stall.

m.e (Cathie) said...

so pretty Ms Posie, love your bunting!
you know that I didn't join the P&F because I know how much hard work it is from you.
I like reading with the kids & being a classroom helper but anymore & I become panic striken.

hope you have the most fabulous mothers day. hugs ♥

m.e (Cathie) said...

so pretty Ms Posie, love your bunting!
you know that I didn't join the P&F because I know how much hard work it is from you.
I like reading with the kids & being a classroom helper but anymore & I become panic striken.

hope you have the most fabulous mothers day. hugs ♥

Amy said...

Love it Posie! They look adorable.

I don't know how you do it! 250 gifts is amazing!

Oh and I am green with envy over your fabric stash! Just sayin...

MultipleMum said...

I love your bunting! If you have any leftovers after the Mother's Day stall, I will be a willing purchaser :)

Caz (The Truth About Mummy) said...

I love buntings - and yours are fabulous. You are so clever. They really add the adorable factor to things hey!

yardage girl said...

Cute! I love a good string of bunting! ;o)

ingrid said...

happy bunting making!

I am wrapping gifts today for our school mothers day stall tomorrow. I think I got a much easier job than you.

PaisleyJade said...

Love the bunting - very cute!!

Naturally Carol said...

Oilcloth is just the thing for outdoor bunting and tablecloths..I love your selection! I hope you're on schedule making your mum's day gifts..all the best.

The Provincial Homemaker said...

Fabulous so bright and colourful. I can just picture a wooden house wearing this. LOve your husband's head shaking - mine often does with my decor choices.

Seaweed and Raine said...

Très mignon, Posie!
J'aime les couleurs que vous avez utilisé :)

S xx

Angela Osborn said...

This bunting is lovely and bright! I hadn't thought of doing it with oil cloth before. What a great idea!

Just Martha said...

Congrats on the trip to Briz and Thea and being such a star!!! Go you!! Can you put some of your energy in a little jar and maybe market it as...hmmmm, Posie Potion or Posie Bubbles?

Sindy said...

How hilarious - I haven't seen pinking shears in years!! Clearly I mustn't have had my craft box out for a while. Hmm, wonder where it is actually?

deux chiens et un garcon said...

You are amazing. Such a simple way f making something so pretty.
xo jill

Mama of 2 boys said...

You are so dedicated Posie... that's alot of gifts to prepare! I do hope you receive a special something also :o)
I have never been so in love with bunting as I am right now, there are some beautiful designs floating around blogland.
Your one here is gorgeous... I had to laugh at your comment about hubby shaking his head at it! GOLD!

Kerryanne English said...

Love the bunting!!

BeachVintage.com said...

Posie, this is just unreal. I love the result. Just so colourful and a little mismatched too. PERFECT!

Kt said...

Bunting is awesome. Never thought to use oilcloth before. I will in the future. Genius idea!