01 April 2011

i'm grateful for 'loving & wonderful friends'

Greetings all,
You know that feeling when you've had huge highs & incredible lows, all in one week . . . this is that kind of roller coaster week.  The highs - Sew It Together & IKEA Sleepover + a visit from my beloved husband . . . then the lows - my friend, a mother of four who is fighting breast cancer, lost her young teenage son & my darling Corrie from Retro Mummy, her beautiful mother passing away.  I've been trudging through my routine of housewifery with little enthusiasm this week, i'm so sad for my heart broken friends.
My week has been busy, distracting me from the sadness.  We've had the athletics carnival; i ran the BBQ lunch; i attended a little market; 3 days at Shop Handmade.  All involved wonderful old friends & amazing new friends, who understood this underlying deep sadness i am feeling.  I laughed with Ainslee on the treadmills while our children did Zumba . . . LAUGH = pant-wetting-listening to her Saturday night adventure on Stallions Afloat.  Picture 100 women on 5 different hens' nights mixed with fully nude strippers on Sydney harbour for 5 hours & unlimited alcohol.   
 I'm grateful for my wonderful & loving friends, when i'm down, they really notice, they share, listen & cry with me!!  Most of all, it's so totally OK to be sad, flat, devestated.

An especially amazing friend is Kylie from Mealy&i/ Mealy Bug Creations.  She remembered that I support Heads Up, a cancer support Shop & group run by Navy wife Sue. Kylie is a darling long time crafty gal pal Army wife i met up with at Sew It Together & she handed over a selection of gorgeous handmade head wear for the Heads Up Shop. They sell 'head fashion' & teach the beautiful ladies who are going through chemotherapy, how to rock a new style of head wear.   
 Models were not hard to find, they love the styles.
 This gorgeous beanie will be very appreciated in Canberra Winter.
 They also sell quality handmade products for cancer patients to purchase, as getting to the shops might not be possible, or they want gifts for their children too - love this chin strap style!!
I remember my mother-in-law playing around with scarves, hats & wigs, she had the most amazing blue eyes like my 3rd daughter (above).  Sadly she didn't win her battle. 
 I bet Kylie didn't reckon on this combination??
These are going to the Heads Up Shop at Calvary Hospital in Canberra.
 Here is the lovely, sweet, kind hearted Kylie avec moi at Sew It Together last Saturday in Sydney.  She's so much fun - anyone who met their husband by running over them with their car - has plenty of funny stories to share.  I'm trying to encourage her husband to post to Canberra so we can play, craft & laugh together more often.  Love you Kylie, you're a doll.
So thank you my dear, loving & wonderful friends, you're truly appreciated.  I'm so incredibly lucky to know so many amazing, clever & thoughtful ladies in this world - they are so supportive when i'm worried about my mum's Alzheimers or my husband in a war zone, where would we be without our amazing friends, on line, bloggie & in real life??  Wishing you lovely Gratefuls this weekend.  Love Posie


Felicity said...

What a week you've had Sweet Pea.
I hope that the weekend has a few pauses within it, although knowing you it will be jam-packed full of all sorts of adventures.

xx Felicity

PS I'm sure that I'm not alone in saying that I'm grateful for finding you via the bloggy world!

Maxabella said...

I only read Corrie's post this morning and she has been in my heart all day. x

Janette said...

It's so hard seeing friends in pain isn't it. I'm glad you've had some highs this week and your kids are SO gorgeous in all those photos. Big hugs to you Posie :)

Naturally Carol said...

Where would we be indeed? It would be a much harder road to walk.

Ruby Star said...

Aww big hugs to you Posie. It is really hard to see friends in pain (emotionally) and not be able to do a thing to fix it. How sweet you got to meet up with such lovely peeps and even hubby too :)

Heidi said...

your post are always so cute...those smiling faces....I'm still jealous over that fab sleepover!

Pieni Lintu said...

Nice hats!! :)

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Beautiful post on the highs and the lows! So much sadness, it's hard to imagine, yet, there's the goodness of laughter and friendship and good times.

And maybe it's letting ourselves feel sad, be sad that makes the laughter and friendship even sweeter.

What beautiful "models" you found for those great hats! Gorgeous!

Wendy said...

Your week sounds exhausting, Jennie. Hope that the new one brings only good things...

Sarah B said...

Whay a challenging week you have had. Very very sad.
It sounds as though you have wonderful people around you and tat it definitely something to be grateful for. Take care xx

Kerryanne English said...

Life really sucks sometimes!!
Where would we be during these difficult days without our girlfriends?
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Cate said...

Couldn't agree more - friends are everything in life...we can conquer anything with supportive friends :-)
have a great weekend Posie - do try to relax won't you :-)

deux chiens et un garcon said...

Hello. Thank you for your lovely comments. What a beautiful family you have and can imagine many truly beautiful places where you can live around here. I understand your sadness, having lost a best friend just over a month ago to cancer. A young mother of two and a very talented doctor. Your week ahead sounds full and lovely.
x jill

Kellie said...

What would we do without our friends? I'm sure your friends are wondering the same about having you as a friend. I really hope there is some more light in your, and your friends, lives this week.
Take care.
PS. What gorgeous children. :)

m.e (Cathie) said...

I don't even know what to say about Corrie's news.
sorry you've had a low week, but glad you have people around you that make you smile even for a moment.
you give out a whole lotta love so I am glad you are getting a whole lot back.

thinking of you sweet ms Posie ♥

Kylie said...

Have had a similar week to yours with the highs and the lows. My cousin had her breast removed on Wednesday and she has not got the best news back from pathology - looks like she will lose the other as well after 6 months of Chemo and then 6 radiation rounds:( So sad. Fingers crossed she can stay strong and as a family we can pull together to get her family through (she has two little boys the same age as my two)
So it looks like I will be knitting more beanies for the cause . Thanks for the blog post my lovely. Not sure how we will go with that posting to Canberra - looking more and more like Pucka - but I am closer and I will just have to come for a holiday or two (or we should organise a retreat half way - now that would be a whole lot of fun too)

Anonymous said...

It's such a blessings to have true friends in ones life...ones who know you so well that words aren't needed.
Your children are absolutely stunning and have modelled these beautiful hats well.
Hope you enjoy your weekend :)

Shelley said...

Sending you much love through the highs, the lows, the good, the bad, and the everything else. xx

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

wow - what a week you have had!! So much sadness yes, but lovely grateful list as always!! Your kids are amazingly beautifully (just like their mother!!)
have a lovely rest of your weekend xx

Lauren said...

what a week. What a blessing you have friends to be there for you...cute models :) xx

Anonymous said...

OMG what cute bloggers you two are :)

Claudia Lane said...

Your children are wonderful models and those warm hats look delightful. Hope you are able to stop and relax a bit this w/end. xo

Marcia (123 blog) said...

How interesting, Posie. I just wrote a post to publish later tonight on my blog about sewing and how I suck at it and wish I didn't.

And you're a sewing rock star :)

Sorry you had a tough week - at least it's a new month, right??? (I clutch onto anything I can :))

Greetings from South Africa

PS, I came over from the Multiples blog to see what kind of rockstar had it so easy with her twin babies!!!!

Karen said...

Sorry you've had a tough week, I hope the next one is better.
Kylie is a great girl isn't she so considerate, there will be some well dressed heads around Canberra this winter.