15 March 2011

a long weekend, happy birthday Canberra

Greetings all,
Well what a long weekend, celebrating Canberra Day (happy 98th birthday).  I was very good, i ran a school fundraiser BBQ, went to the gym every day & there was a LOT of sewing.  I really believe sewing it therapy for me, it's pretty full on raising 4 smart, social, sporty children & high school is a whole new pressure (for both of us) alas, sewing melts all my stress away. 
Ditto for Yoga - very excited, did a new Yoga class on the weekend with a new teacher, she's American & her voice is like honey, so soothing & encouraging.  She's teaching many new poses i'd never heard of (mind you, i haven't been devoted to Yoga for a good 8 years, but i'm making a come back) like a dolphin, camel & inch worms, yyyeeeooowww!!
Ready, set, sew . . . i loathe spooling bobbins, i get my children to do them.
View from my sewing table . . . television (cooking shows) i watched Eat Pray Love twice, i'm still trying to get into it, either i'm too happy with my life, young or immature, i'm not sure, i'm certainly not looking for the same thing Liz Gilbert was.  I'm not a flighty person, anyway, i'll watch it again if only as a spectator into someone else's life.  Maybe it's because it's Julia Roberts & she's such a personality i find it difficult to look beyond her & see who she is playing.
Out the window, i really should mow the front lawn.
I made 4 dozen baby body suits . . . trying to do them a little different (yes, i know everyone does applique onto baby body suits or onesies) i still enjoy making them 7 years on & think these vintage boys & girls are really sweet.
They're all in the Posie wardrobe at Shop Handmade now!!
These are like dress ups - just add the baby head, tee hee.
Oh hello Hello Kitty, bit of a fan of these new prints!!
I started the weekend by spreading out 3 new patchwork quilt tops onto the floor.
Loving the darker shades & textures of Anna Maria Horner.
Then something a little lighter & brighter.
Spots & florals, stripes & patterns, love!!
A little Saturday night Christmas pudding made by this lovely lady - she runs a Handmade EMPIRE & makes a pretty fabulous pudding gift too.  As always, i'm fish bowl cleaning.
Finally a little giggle, i first met Lisa from The Red Thread when she was sourcing some Cath Kidston fabric 6-8 years ago??  Anyway, i had kept the postcard she sent me with the swatch - tell me this has made your day??!!

"gosh he went well with her drapes"
I chose my husband to match the window dressing, did you?? 
I need a good giggle today, a high school swimming carnival made for a very long day, yawn, love Posie


Simone said...

You have been busy! Have a great week xx

melissa said...

Teehee - that postcard made me giggle!

I haven't seen eat pray love yet - and have no idea what it is about. Think I have been in a daze for the last 2 years so I missed the fuss...

mel @ loved said...

Loving your quilt, I'm in awe of anyone who can quilt! Nice idea with the bobin helpers, I too loathe spooling them, and they always run out at the most inconvenient of times..

Taylor Made said...

I love seeing so much creative productivity...must see if I can get some happening in my home.
I didn't like the book and couldn't relate to all the same things ...lucky I guess to be content with my life.
Have a great week.

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

wow - you are so my inspriation!!! As for Eat Pray Love i am totally with you!! I read the book first, then saw the movie, and was really quite angry at how her character needed the validity of others to go and pursue enjoyment in life - i got that she had a failed marriage and suffered from mental health, but i just think it was totally an american way of sensationalising one womans journey for happiness. i think she couldn't trust her own instincts and needed others to do it for her.
i agree with you regarding the sewing too - so therapeutic, i get titchy if i;m away from my machine for a few days - love the onesies xx

The Moerks said...

Hee hee, lots to giggle about there. Love the postcard. I read eat pray love and really didn't get into it at all. I just felt like I should have read it for bookclub. I really don't care if I never see the movie. I thought it was all rather self indulgent. Which I suppose is the whole point of the book. Oh well. Good luck with the swimming sports. I survived our high school ones although our little champ won't collect his ribbons, too embarrassing apparently!

Cate said...

love the 'just add baby' onesies!! very cute.
Really must try yoga one of these days (and zumba).
And totally love that postcard...too funny :-)

Seaweed and Raine said...

You've been busy, haven't you! I think you need to put your feet up and have something yummy with a cuppa - you deserve it!
I really like Anna Maria Horner's fabrics! They are just a little 'out there' and evoke a happy little "hmmm" when you see them :)

Thea said...

You're so clever. I would love to see a photo of a baby actually wearing the headless paper doll baby suit. Arrange it will you? x

Mama of 2 boys said...

Reading your posts is like an instant hit of adrenalin Posie! Well, it has that effect on me anyway ;o)
Those baby rompers are too cute, love the dress up idea, haha!
Hello Kitty! Oooo I used to love some Hello Kitty, still do for that matter. I am a bit of a retro fan, so these pics of your weekend work had me grinning from ear to ear.
Oh dear, I certainly don't have a hubby to match the drapes... I don't think my hubby would match many things, he's a mould all of his own ;o)
P.S. When I did pre-natal yoga with my first born, the teacher also had a voice like honey, delightful... she used to send me to sleep by the end of cool down. Whoops!

Hot Fudge said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your busy day. By the way, do you hire out your children to wind bobbins? I pay in snake jellies.

Kylie said...

Looks like a busy and productive weekend at the Posie house hold. We could do with a long weekend with this long term.
LOL at the postcard. I chose my husband for his blonde hair, blue eyes and veiny arms:) oh and I almost ran over him in the car park before I even met him and he still asked me to marry him:)

NessaKnits said...

When Eat Pray Love came out at the movies I had a friend who posted on Facebook something like "I'll never get those two hours in my life back again." I have yet to see it, but based on that opinion ... I probably won't! And your work is lovely, as always!

cathy@home said...

ahh so thats were all my energy went.

Brenda said...

Your onsies are the sweetest I've ever seen! If I had a baby I would certainly buy one!

Enjoy the rest of your week, as busy as it is!

IndigoElephant :: Sash said...

I always feel a little bit slow after reading your posts! I just don't know how you fit all that into your days. I didn't get into Eat Pray Love either, and couldn't work out what all the fuss was about, so you're not alone there!!

Raine and Sage said...

Your onesies are fabulous! Great to see so much productiviy. I've been feeling the same, and think the cooler weather may be helping.
I've not seen/read EPL, but heard many people say who read the book prior to the movie that Julia was poor casting, and it's supposed to be a younger woman, around 30 years of age, and obviously not as synonymous with worldly Julia.
Good work on the yoga!

Bayside Rose said...

Oh my gosh so very versatile nd clever. Fabulous and such a very inspirational blog.

Pam x

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

4 dozen baby body suits!?! And they are absolutely adorable! I especially like the "add your own baby head" version... too cute!

Galit said...

Hello busy bee!!!
Great hear you're back to yoga! I'm practicing for about 17 years now (which is something very scary to think about.... lets just pretend I started when I was 2 ok?) ad also have my breaks but each time I'm back I feel 10 years younger!!

Love your onesies! Super cute!!! Doesn't matter everyone are doing appliques, these are the prettiest I've seen! true!)

Keep up the good spirit!! :)

Sarah B said...

Wow, do you ever stop!! I still haven't watched that movie. I have read the book but thought it was too fictional.
Love the postcard!

Anonymous said...

I am loving your spot on cyber space! Those onsie's are so cute! I was also scrolling down and looking at your side bar "I am a proud mummy of..." the list kept growing ! Love it! big families rock...

lisa :: the red thread said...

Jennie I can't believe you still have that postcard - it must be at least 7 years ago that I sent it to you! LOL.
Those onsies te cuuute!
Oh and Eat Pray Love... I really liked the book, but I sooo don't like julia Roberts, so the movie wasn't on my radar.

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