02 March 2011

in the media & other interviews

Greetings all,
That cool thing which happened to me at work on Monday . . . an interview for the Canberra Times!!  Lovely Andrea met with me to discuss my world of handmade homewares & spin on design, key products, inspiration & tips on improving life.  Totally cool!!  Clever Rowan took some shots, eekk, i dressed up just in case of profile shots (yes) but i directed him towards my products in Shop Handmade as a much better photo opportunity!!
 Picked up a copy of Shop 4 Kids magazine, which featured some products of mine.
 Very cool feature on Shop Handmade, very proud of the beautiful place i get to play shops in.  The leather key ring is from a new designer Pookie from OhmMade, it hangs on my daughter's school computer bag.  They also featuerd Maiike - she's got a cool blog too.
 Handmade prettiest for girls, my birdie bunting bottom left.
 Shop 4 Kids asked if i could whip up a patchwork boy's vintage style pram blanket, so i put together my favourite blues & greens lined with pale blue jersey, hand stitched the edges, da dah bottom right!!  Also on this page, Allana C Giraffe (go Jodie), Oopah Monster (yay Abby) & cute buttons by Lou Lou who has since closed down her sweet button business.  Tonnes of these designers are at Shop Handmade so i get to play with their handmade goodness for real!!
 I spy on this page a bracelet by Flibbertigibbit (hi Anne) & Mondo Cherry art (another really nice mummy/ crafty blogger).
 The Red Thread Ooshka boy (sweet Lisa) & Ivy Designs DIY bead necklace kit (farewell Wynona, she's moved overseas), both at Shop Handmade. 
 More Shop Handmade designers - Plushka Penguin (hi Katia) & Melanie Swan Wall Bird (hey Mel).
 My parents have just touched down from overseas & apparently they've bought the latest & greatest from Guess for my 4 children.  Can't wait to see what they (read: their personal shopper) chose.  Yippee!!
 Finally, more donations for Qld flood relief - i put together this $150 hamper for high school. 
Yep, busy week & getting crazier!!  How much fun can one girl have??  A lot more than my poor darling husband!!  He's training & has slept at work on the floor in a swag for days - i said "when you are going home", he said "maybe Monday" & i laughed saying "most people say 6p.m."  See, imagine if we were living in Brisbane with him, we'd never see him anyway!!  Love Posie


Make mine Mid-Century said...

Wow! What an exciting post! I'm so thrilled for you ... and all those lovely things in that magazine.

plushka said...

Congratulations on the interview! So exciting;) X

Isn't it a great issue of the Shop4Kids magazine?!!!
I love the Crafty businesses pages with all those talented designers and I am so honored to be included!!!

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh i should mention, Rowan was very obliging when i asked if i could take a photo of him taking a photo - i have no shame!! I felt about 5 years old when i said "it's for my blog"!! He was so nice - looks like a total gamer but such a great guy!! Love Posie

Sarah B said...

Wow Posie, there is always so much happening in your life! Exciting things! xx

by marie-nicole said...

Congratulations Jennie, that's fantastic... sounds like you are having a fabulous week!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

oh jennie how exciting..do u know when the article hits the stands...i would be proud too if i were you...shop is just going from strength to strength...i just love it...great idea for celebration for hub's bday...hadn't even thought that far...i'm still amazed i did this thing...thanks for that...have a great thursday...love dzintra

Cate said...

Yay, how exciting for you!!!! And in such great company (love those plushka penguins!!).
You must be sooo excited :-)

Kylie said...

Yay for you. Congratulations my dear. Sleeping on the floor poor dear, but then they are trained for such things. I am about to hut the single mother scene. Tim is away from beginning of may through to the end if October. Not quite sure how the little man is going to be during that time as he has always had his dad around:( might be on the phone to get some tips. Might have to grab a copy of shop for kids

Mama of 2 boys said...

Big congrats Posie, this is fabulous! I loved seeing your work in these magazines, they deserve to be shown off. Thanks for sharing :o)
Could you possibly fit anymore into your days... amaaazing!

Thea said...

This is very exciting indeed. Good on you Posie my love! It's great to see your lovely work being recognised. x

willow and moo said...

WTG! I might have to pick up the Shop4Kids for a squizz. :)

zigsma said...

Oh, I just bought that mag this afternoon. Will be reading with an extra attentive eye!

Ms Styling You said...

So excited for you to get that magazine mention!