07 February 2011

& we resume normal school life again

Greetings all,
High school was a huge success, she loves it, thanks for the fantastic comments on the last post!!  I was one of the keen parents arriving early this afternoon, i got a happy-to-see-you-mum kiss & cuddle, then she took us on a tour of her new adventure . . . the canteen, home room, locker . . . while her brother ate the chicken salad roll from her lunch box (lunch was catered today, nice!!) . . . middle girl carried her laptop & . . . 3rd daughter wore her back pack around.  It was really gorgeous to see my 4 bonding over a new experience like this, especially seeing the twins will go to this school too, in a few years.
Not to be forgotten, my primary schoolers got new pencil cases too - i aim for 35x15cm as a standard size, but you could make them the size of a pillow, they'd find stuff to shove in there!!
I had fun with a bit of ribbon detail too.  There are more images but Picasa won't upload them to my blog & i'm running slow after blowing internet allowance this month (clicks over shortly). 
To say i'm exhausted is an understatement, i feel like i'm seeing double, my eye lids are heavy.  I put 150% into our very long school holidays with my children, especially when their beloved Daddy is away.  They really are great children, easy to love & fun to be with.  They are never bored, how wonderful is that??  It's another big day tomorrow as primary school goes back.  We find out the new classes & teachers for my 4th grade twins & year 2 boy, then it's normal school life again . . . i head off to the happiness that is Shop Handmade, were i giggle away 3 days each week in the wonderful world of Handmade retail.  What a way to spend your school day when you're a housewife, i love it!!
Yawn, sigh, love Posie


Taylor Made said...

Great news about the first day of high school...love the pencil cases too. I have just checked out the Shop Handmade, what a great concept and must be a great place to hang out - sounds like you deserve some you time.

Thea said...

those pencil cases look too pretty to use. lucky kids - at least they won't lose them easily being so unique. x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a message. I love your handmade pencil cases for your children and so glad first day at high school was fun! All too soon they will be through and off, you enjoy it whilst you can! Basically once they are at high school mums have to act invisible as far as mine were concerned!! Caroline xx

Felicity said...

So, so pleased that the first day was terrific!
How thoughtful of the school to cater the lunches, it would have been another 'bonding' session and made them all feel super special.

I love that the younger ones were keen to participate in the look around - it's terrific when an older sibling can infect the younger ones with enthusiasm for high school.

Best of luck for a successful first day of primary school - remember to have the camera handy to snap the delight when the twins find out about their class.

Felicity x

PS Love the zebra/deer pencil case = scrummy!

Sarah said...

I love those pencil cases. Fantastic!

Agree that it is wonderful when siblings share and bond over, one having the experience.
It is such a boost for the one having the experience to be able to share it with others that are interested and excited for them

Brenda said...

I was thinking of you yesterday....sending your eldest daughter on a new adventure! Was there a tear? Did she let you walk her in? How wonderful that she loves everything about her new school and took the time to show her sibblings!

Take care and enjoy being back a Shop!!!

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Loving the new pencil cases! I think the ribbon tag really adds a bit of class to them. I'm so glad you big girls is enjoying high school. It's such a relief when they come home happy. I've had no tears this year at all about school or kindy - so great. Enjoy yourself!

quilary said...

So pleased your daughter loved High School, it's lovely when there is a smile from the first day! Love your pencil cases, especially the zebra fabric.

Steph said...

Such exciting times for your little ones! Such adventures! And those pencil cases will be perfect. Just watch out though you might get some orders from their friends. Hope all is lovely with you :) x

Lizzie said...

Glad it all went well Jennie, our eldest granddaughter Sam had to start a new high school in a new state yesterday, she was convinced she would be, in her words, 'an ugly loner' and nothing we said would convince here otherwise..! Text message at 5pm last night....."I made friends" brought tears to my eyes. Good on you for being a proud school gate Mum and enjoy your 'me' time now..

Rachel said...

Hey Posie,
Glad the first day went well, Loving the new pencil cases, I might just have to make a couple for my boys. IO didn't know you work at shop handmade, you must know my sister in law Jodie from Allana C. I would love a job like that. We really need a shop like that in Southern Sydney

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear your daughter loved High School...here's to a smooth transition for your other children.


mel @ loved said...

Hooray for normal school life! The holidays have been great but it's sure nice to get back into a routine again. So glad high school has been a great success, it's a huge step..for all of you..I hope it continues to be so enjoyable x

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

I love your pencil cases, they are all gorgeous!

MultipleMum said...

Glad high school was such a success - with you at the helm I only thought that it would be!

Total envy over those pencil cases - poor Nugget's shop-bought one isn't long enough for his ruler! *Sigh*

Heidi said...

I knew it would be she is so cute...all of your little bundles are!!!

Anonymous said...

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