04 January 2011

little rainbow bursts everywhere i look

Greetings all,
I love colour in my life & clearly it steers my shopping habits - i have a taste for colour in the craft supplies i buy.  There are little rainbow busts of colour everywhere i look in my studio.
 I think this is my full collection of washi tape.
 Deal of the year, yes, already . . . festive rainbow paper chain, $1 from Typo, hell yeah!!
 Colourful pins in a Lark knitted toadstool.
 Love some colourful coordinating bias detail.
 Fabric covered buttons, a huge success for my business!!
 So easy to stitch up a rainbow.
 Subtle colours on pretty woven ribbons.
 Hand painted colourful knitting needle ends.
 Ever need an excuse to buy more coloured twine??
 Disturbing??  Serial killer sewing maniac!!
 All happy rainbows in my studio prison - yes - that's the attractive grill which was put up after the burglary.  Amazing what $1 in festive rainbow paperchains can do to make it better.
Add some colour to your life, it's so easy & more often than not, tasteful!!  Oh imagine what i'll do after living in Army Housing & not being able to paint a wall for like 15 years, when we build our own home??  Fear not, i'm a blue & white girl, the house will be tame, you can always add colour with accessories like cushions, art & vases. 
Today i'm back at Shop Handmade, very excited, i know EXCITED to go back to work, but it's only a couple of days in the Shop for me these school holidays (while my husband does the dutiful Tuesday movie trips with the children) until school goes back on 7th & 8th of February!!
Speaking of movies, if you want some free tickets, Tangled giveaway still going
!!  The lucky 10 IKEA lifestyle book giveaway winners of the book to be announced a.s.a.p.  Love Posie


Wendy said...

Total twine and bias tape junkie. Love your colorful goodies!


Caz (The Truth About Mummy) said...

Loving the colours Posie. Love that little mushroom with the buttons - to cute!

Cate said...

so colourful and lovely!! Your creative space must be a delight!! Completely love that birdie woven ribbon - too sweet :-)

IndigoElephant :: Sash said...

Absolutely love your collection of washi tape!!

Brenda said...

Love the colourful stash Posie!

Have a great day at work......if you could call Shop Handmade work! It all sounds like fun fun fun to me!

Chantal said...

All that colour makes me smile : ) Thanks for reminding me to get into Typo!

Lizzie said...

Colour is essential in anyone's world, how dull would we be if it was monocromatic. Colours are happiness and I reckon that suits you, a happy posie..??

Erin said...

I looove that colorful paper chain. This post is so pretty!

The Moerks said...

Love the colour. Am very jealous of your twine and tape collection. Deb

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

I love love all your happily colored sweet petits, Posie!
Have a happy day xxxx

Catherine said...

What a happy post. I love all your bits of colour, I wouldn't mind some more of that washie tape in my collection I love the stuff. Have a great day. xo

Maxabella said...

That was a cheery, bright trip through some of your work, Posie. I am loving your ribbon collection and positively drooling over your twine. I have studio envy, clearly!!! x

Belle Inspirations said...

I'm loving colour at the moment. i have just found your blog and am your newest follower, i also have a blog so please visit sometime and maybe you too can follow me and i'll send inspiration your way. Have a great week!

Bron said...

Love all this colour -- especially the tape! Have just started my collection and am totally hooked. Happy New Year!

Sarah said...

I can't sew to save myself, but the pictures of your studio and the riot of colour contained therein made me very envious. What a beautiful and inspiring place to work.

Kylie said...

Love the splash of colour at your house:) These walls here are a coffee colour - ick - I much prefer white and if I was going to be here longer I would have painted at east one room for photos:)

Have fun back at work.