06 January 2011

around my house & the 10 IKEA lifestyle book giveaway winners

Greetings all.
Thanks for the animal stories in the comments from the last post, boy, losing animals & pets can really leave your childhood with some dark memories!! 
I'm on a mission around the house, fixing & doing all those things i've happily put off so far these holidays.  The family car is at the mechanic so it's a home day, i've turned out my wardrobe & chest of drawers, done up bags for charity (shoes, clothes) & washed the dog.  Olive, our new fish is settling in nicely, we had a BBQ lunch & i've started on the Christmas decorations.
Santa brought me a high powered staple gun, much more powerful than my original & easier on the carpal tunnel syndrome too!!  It punched the mexican oil cloth into the table bottom like silk!!  I picked up these chrome legged tables from a local shop which was closing down, got both (coffee & dining table) for $80.  Oil Cloth is from Beach Vintage (thanks Simone!!)
 Pretty happy with the corners too,
 our son's room is emerging with red & white accents.  I've featured his white leather Little Nest e-chair & ottomon before & check it out, still spotless (Wendy)!!  We need more of those super cheap & effective IKEA round rugs too, they hide all mannor of carpet sins.
 Pretty happy with the finish.  His 2003 handmedown Designer's Guild toy box is next for the red & white oil cloth makeover!!  Oh & some art on his walls, they are bare & boring, thus not in view.
 Oh before you freak out that our children have televisions in their bedrooms, they only get limited viewing after homework (they're very studious) & they are the most social & healthy children on earth (state level cross country runners).  They also read before they go to sleep, not watch television.  They tend to congregate in one room & watch something together, it's really sweet.  With one living space in the house (as i grabbed the formal lounge/ dining area for my business studio) in a 4 bedroom house with 6 people, i like to think they each have their own little sanctuary.  They usually watch documentaries, bless their hearts.  We rarely find more than one television on at any time either.  They certainly don't abuse the luxury or electricity use + we spend plenty of quality time with them as a family, like dinner at the dining table every night without a television on & never EVER in the mornings, goodness no.  Ok??   
 Like his red IKEA Lack desk & Little Nest Woody chair for year 2 homework??  If you have children, these IKEA storage tub systems are fantastic!! 
 Next stop - the bedroom of our 9y.o. twin girls.  They share a dining table as their desk & this pink spotty oilcloth has upgraded it to girlie!!  Yes, they really keep it this tidy too.  Love the Kikki-K stationery sets & IKEA lamps, easy splashes of colour.
 For our eldest i hung her Christmas gifts of Ivy Designs scalloped bunting & a Typo Bird canvas - looking like a real highschooler's room now.
 She still loves this Little Nest replica Arne Jacobsen chair designed for children!!
Thanks for hanging in there with a trip around my house, now for the lucky 10 TEN T E N winners of the IKEA Beloved Homes lifestyle book, value $29.95 each . . . 
 congratulations . . . in the random order they were picked by my blind folded children . . .
Deb: Let’s Moerk About
Tina: Rubies Place
Sarah: Molly’s Maison
Chantel: Chantel Vincent Art
Kerry: Tranquil Townhouse
Carmel: Make Mine Mid Century
Catherine: Pencils & Pins
Jacinta: Model Mumma
Jane: Tea with Janey
& lucky last  . . . Brenda: Hoo You Lookin’ At . . . perfect, she's building a house this year!!  Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway IKEA & One Green Bean.
Thanks winners, if you could please email me a.s.a.p. with your full name, postal address, mobile phone number & a pre-release copy of the book will be sent via courier.  Thanks for entering the giveaway, if you missed out, next time you're at IKEA, sign up to the IKEA Family Programme & you can pick up a copy for only $19.95 - due for release late January 2011.  There will be more in the series, stay tuned.  Love Posie
PS love a good giveaway - two family passes for Disney's Tangled movie tickets are up for grabs on this post - drawn on 9th January, with a chance to win $500 over at Nuffnang!!  Good luck!!EDIT: sorry about the updates, trying to get the names to sit nicely one under the other!!  Come on blogger, line they up for me!!


Kellie Collis said...

Lovely kid's bedrooms! Those tub organizers look amazing! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

Heidi said...

Someday I'm bound to be a winner love your work with your new tool!!
your my hero toolbelt Diva!!

Wendy said...

Love the oilcloth and the high- powered stapler, Posie! :) Congrats to your lucky winners...

Shay said...

I adore that red chair !

Congratulations to all the winners!

Cate said...

Oh :-( am I allowed to pout and stomp around the room and kick things for a while???
PS: I love your eldest girls room - very pretty!!

The Moerks said...

thank you Posie I am soooooo excited, squeal, squeal. thankyou to whichever gorgeous munchkin pulled Let's go Moerkabout out. Deb

Jane said...

Congrats, ladies, you lucky ducks! J x

Catherine said...

loving the house tour! and very excited about the book coming our way - thank you!

Kerry said...

Hey Jennie, you should write a book about raising kids...yours sound awesome! A staple gun is on my wishlist, but please thank your helpers sooooo much for pulling out my name. I am such a book fanatic I couldn't think of a better present! I'm happy to come and collect mine from the shop if that's easier for you :)

bigwords is... said...

I love your blog! I wish I found this earlier so I could have entered the competition!! New follower!

Pop over to bigwords if you get a chance x

designed to a T said...

Congrats girls on your wins.

Brenda I hope it gives you heaps of inspiration for your new home.

Posie, I'm sure you don't need to explain yourself to us about the televisions!!!

Power tools YAY!!! I usually get one for Christmas and birthdays, have a few now and wanting more (ar, ar, ar - think Tim the Toolman!!!)...T

Posie Patchwork said...

Thanks for all the speedy replies, 5 lots of deatils already collected. Sorry to those lovely ladies who missed out, try the Tangled giveaway & there will be more giveaways in 2011. Thanks & good luck everyone, love Posie

Fiona said...

Hey Jennie, aside from your amazing craft talent, you are so spot on with motherhood.. i love hearing/reading about your values with the kids and how they themselves get along as friends, I think there are more fighting siblings out there than friends and many mums would benefit from knowing you.. I agree that you should write a book.. have a fantastic day x

Tina said...

Jennie, I am soooo in love with that Ivy Designs bunting! I would love to buy it / make it for our Olivia's room...could you give me any tips on where /how I can get the fabrics or pre-made bunting? Eeek I cannot believe I won a copy of the IKEA book!..THANK YOU to your gorgeous children for picking my name and to you & IKEA for such a fabulous giveaway! Wishing you a fabulous Thursday, mine is off to a wonderful start thanks to you :D Hugs ~ Tina xx

Sarah B said...

Woo hooooo!! Am so excited!!!! Thank you Posie for pulling my name - I will LOVE this! Love Ikea so much :)
ps your kid's rooms are wonderful, I love all the bright colours, especially the oilcloth. I love your stapeler too - I'm hanging out for one of those :)

Wynona @ ivy designs said...

Happy new year Jen and family! I spy some ivy designs things ;) thanks for your support gorgeous. Xxx

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Miss Posie,
thank you for the chance to win sucha wonderful giveaway ... you are indefatiguable!

And your children's rooms are the stuff of dreams ... I'll email you now.

Thank you so much!

Chantal said...

Wooo hooooo! Thanks Posie! I'm very grateful to win this - many thanks to you for organising the giveaway and to the fab kids for picking my name out!!! Yay! Yay! Yay!

MultipleMum said...

Sigh. No joy for me! But congrats to the lucky winners :)

Your kid's rooms are looking great!

Maxabella said...

The rooms look briliant! Covering the desks in oil cloth is such a good idea (of course it is - you are full of great ideas!!).

Congrats to the winners of your giveaway. I think I'm going to have to purchase the book now as I'm such a big fan of Ikea design so I know I would love it. x

Maxabella said...

PS - Do you still have the Handmade book for sale via your store? I couldn't find it... x

The Clip Cafe said...

Thanks for the view their rooms look lovely. I am glad you explained about the Tv though i was getting very worried.... :-D

Beach Vintage.com said...

Hi Jennie, the tables look fabulous and you did an amazing job. xx

Anonymous said...

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