19 December 2010

making a list & checking it twice

Greetings all,
Seeing a lot of last-minute-Christmas-wrapping-decorating-baking-shopping posts going on in blogland.  I'm almost there in the wrapping department, just double checking all the neices & nephews are covered & goodies express posted today (love prepaid bags!!)  I'll see many in Sydney after Christmas but some gorgeous pesky ones still have birthdays this week & require birthday gifts which i believe should be seperate & on-the-birth-day!!
 Thank goodness for handmade, for many reasons - handmade gifts are unique, original, special, beautiful & . . . hard to pick the price of (super handy for the how-much-did-my-sister-in-law-spend-on-my-child-this-year corporate types!!)
 Check out the detail, i love this Karin's work - designer Sum of Mum at Shop Handmade.  Our Health Minister bought some too, hope that hasn't spoilt her nephew & niece's gift surprise this year!!  Knowing zero of my family members read my blog, i know i'm safe.  
Have you ever seen such such realistic felt bananas in your life??!!  I'm hungry just looking at these, Sunday Brunch anyone??
So apart from the teenage nephews, are all getting a vintage Tshirt from America, i'm done, all sorted, just the wrapping & tagging to do.  Oh & a huge 196 piece patchwork quilt for a customer this week.  Sew sew sew.  Have happy weeks everyone, love Posie


clare's craftroom said...

You are sooo organised , come and help me ! I have two full hours this morning and I'm going for it !

Kerry said...

I really hope you're going to get some downtime you gorgeous girl! Love those strawberries...wish all the rain hadn't ruined the ones in the garden though :)

Jennie said...

Those bananas are amazing!
Had to look twice!

Merry Christmas to you and your family Jennie!XXXX

MultipleMum said...

I have not been organised enough this year, but I promise myself that next year will be all about handmade gifts. Promise. Might just have to buy your book and make something myself (she says watching pigs fly through the back yard...)

Cate said...

OMG those fried eggs are hilarious (and I just typo'd 'ate' instead of 'are'...how funny is that!!)

Hope the last minute patchwork sewing is going well :-)

Sheila said...

Oooh they look utterly fab!

Kylie said...

I have made felt food before - it is very addictive.

Good luck with the rest of the wrapping:)

Love K

Stacey said...

I don't like fried eggs. But I do like those felt ones!!

Anonymous said...

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