14 November 2010

sewing kits & a crafty kind of weekend

Greetings all,
All year i've been meaning to rehash my sewing kits for the markets, so here goes . . . they have an extra crafty touch - regular pins, needles, safety pins, cottons + twine, fabric buttons, ric rac, bobby pins, dolly pegs, ribbon & string, all sealed up in a folded style wallet. 
Stay tuned & follow NOW for giveaway excitement, might have something to do with the new Handmade Living. book launch in 3 weeks . . . I'm coordinating a cyber giveaway to my bloggie craft lovers in a fortnight.
 Pins, needles & safety pins to be added to the orange felt tag panel, i just didn't feel like heading out in the rain to get new supplies today. 
Oh did 2 new birds for the Christmas tree find their way into my studio, these are from Country Road while they had 25% off, i'll use them all year round.
 I spent Saturday night die cutting these shapes for garlands, a combination of Christmas & all purpose festive ones.  I bought 20 massive sheets of coloured cards & started chomping into them.  Tip: if you're watching that heart breaking puppy movie Eight Below & working with card stock, make sure your tears don't drip on to your creations!!  Ditto for a 9 year old who might be sobbing next to you - she really didn't like the leopard seal part, scary!!  Why do i watch that movie every time it's on television??  Paul Walker + gorgeous puppies, i can't resist.
My husband let me sew right up until dinner was served tonight, love him.  They all had juicey steak sandwiches, i got one of these pieces of lean grilled chicken & salad.  I lost 1.5kg last week, yippee, so salad it is.  Yes those are cookies in the image above, baked while dinner was cooking, they are for recess tomorrow (not mine, sigh).
Have lovely weeks, love Posie


Tania McCartney said...

All gorgeous! ALL OF IT! xxx

Chantal said...

Those craft kits look great. Really looking forward to your giveaway!
Congratulations on 1.5kgs as well that's quite an achievement!

MultipleMum said...

Those sewing kits are too cute - if only I knew how to use them. *sigh* Do you do sewing classes for basket cases when you come to Sydney?

Oh. And 1.5kgs! You little champion!

Cate said...

love the sewing kits - what a great idea! and the birdies are very sweet too :-) xxx

Heidi said...

Good for you...How fun were your purchases! How many weeks left 5?

Once Upon a Time in the North said...

Oh yes craft kits- excellent idea for craft fairs! Everything looks fab and well presented!

m.e (Cathie) said...

what a great idea!
you just never stop do you, busy little bee!!
well done on the loss, yippeeee
happy week Ms Posie ♥

by marie-nicole said...

Sounds like a very productive and fun weekend with the family.

Maxabella said...

Well done on your weight loss! Salad is the go. x

Kylie said...

Yay to husbands being home and able to craft and not worry about dinner:) Yay on the weight losss - you go girl - love the post on the fireman:)

The little kits look great:)

june at noon said...

You're one busy lady! Looks like quite the production line with the craft kits.

hobby said...

Those kits are very nice, Your sewing kits is compact and have all basic things it could be useful in travel. Really Nice work.