11 November 2010

my creative space 'handmade Christmas fixings'

Greetings all,
After the excitment of Christmas decoration shopping, i have also been storing up the fixings for handmade Christmas decorations too.  Some for the children to make for our tree, some for my market stall tomorrow night (SIDS&kids Christmas Extravaganza).
 I'm starting off with obvious traditional red & green coloured ornaments, then i'll branch into pretty blues, stay tuned.  Let's just say my Sizzix machine die cuts felt like a dream so i'm making some super cute garlands too in fabric, felt & card stock!!
Governor General Quentin Bryce, looking stunning as always.
 Craft aside, it's Rememberance Day (or the 92nd Armistice Day) so we tripped to the War Memorial.  Handsome soldier's medals got us some VIP seats & we sat with Veterans from many different wars.  We were behind the mates of some of the soldiers we've lost this year, THAT was incredibly emotional, to see these young men with so many medals already, their arms around each other, sobbing when the new names of the fallen soldiers were called out by Quentin Bryce.  Makes me squeeze handsome soldier even harder!!
 You'd think these medals show my husband has seen enough action but he's decided he has one more deployment in him, so he's not discharging just yet!!
The Federation Guard doing what they do best!!
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Lizzie said...

Lest We Forget...
So glad that you got to spend this Rememberance Day with your handsome soldier at home on Australian soil..

Kerry said...

I went to a funeral today...seemed apt on Remembrance Day :)
Another deployment! Sheesh!

Cate said...

Was at a craft working bee this morning, and even amongst the chatter, noise, laughter and crafting, we still observed our 1 minute silence. Lest we forget :-) xxx

Megan said...

seven medals, all i can say is wow! what an amazing man

Kellie Collis said...

I salute your husband for his bravery! Have a glorious day, Kellie xx

Stacey said...

Look at those medals! My boys love looking at my Dad's medals (not that he's got as many as your husband) and I bet your kids and grandkids will love looking at Drew's collection.