02 October 2010

funeral, presents, movie, party, earrings & flash back in Sydney

Greetings all,
We left Canberra very early for Nanna's morning funeral in Sydney.  It was a beautiful service & i think Nanna will love how my in-laws sent her off with gorgeous memories, smiles & heart felt tears.  Lots of talk of her famous apple pies, scones & rosey cheeks.  It was especially moving for us as there were so many photos of my husband's late mother, we miss them both.  The children were so well behaved at the service & burial, then wake afterwards, but some napped on the way to grandpa's, they were exhausted. 
 morning fog over Lake George
 i dressed the children in the car
My brother invited us around to his place for dinner, as always, incredible spread of dinner & dessert, conversation & laughter.  We brought the drinks & a red tea candle from Shop Handmade for his wife.  Our children disappeared most of the night with their 3 teenagers - cousins are awesome.
 my eldest brother is a rocket scientist turned chef
 hmmmm . . .  think the elbows need some adjustment
 it was 10C outside but she still wanted to wear this dress

 I love that my parents & father-in-law still live in the family homes we grew up in.  Watching my children this morning was a big trip down memory lane.  Jumping for lemons, mandarins & oranges, running down this passage, climbing on the massive rocks - big flash back!!  They are checking out the holes bandicoots are digging, much to my father's dismay & they are protected 'pests'.
 this bloke was zonked
 gifts from my parents recent Queen Mary 2 cruise to Europe, West Indies & South America

We had big plans in Sydney to visit Corrie from Retro Mummy, have ice creams in Manly & take a ferry on Sydney Harbour, but the weather turned gloomy so we headed for the cinema to see Despicable Me (giggles) but at $79 for the 6 of us to see a children's movie, well, pricey day out, on top of sushi lunch, shoe shopping & our big girl getting her ears pierced - we made her wait until the last term before high school.  She was very brave, i loved that she asked if daddy could hold her hand, i could see it really hurt. 
Tonight we celebrate my husband arriving 'home' a whole week ago.  So far he's spent 2 days in Brisbane & 3 days in Sydney . . . he's off tomorrow for a week in Brisbane . . . we're very patient for him to actually be on leave with us in Canberra properly!!  Off to cuddle him now & hope this uploads as we're on 1990 internet speed for the next week, thanks so some huge software download??  Oh well, i'm redecorating the children's rooms this week so best not to be distracted by blogs & the outside world while i'm swapping all 4 children into different rooms with a complete overhaul & clean!!Have a great week everyone, love Posie


JANE said...

Oh, my goodness, Posie - where do I start? Sorry to hear about the funeral but it was lovely to see your families meet. I love the action shots of the children, especially the jumping high one. Enjoy your reunion with your husband and best of luck with the overhaul and clean! I'm tired just thinking of it! J x

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Oh, nice down-to-earth blog. I like it.

Bandicoots sound as irritating as bush turkeys.

yardage girl said...

Another great post - what a week you've all had. Good luck with the redecorating, Posie.

Heidi said...

So sorry to hear about Nana, the pictures of your children were so sweet. Love on your Hubby! Enjoy your family time.

Kylie said...

Sounds like a busy first week after getting home. Yay - bet you cant wait for his leave to start. Will be nice for you all to be together:)

Good luck with the room swap arounds. If I see you in blogland I will send you back to the cleaning and sorting:)

Corrie said...

oh your gorgeous children............ they are all little models!


life in a pink fibro said...

I love that you've made a beautiful family adventure out of a sad occasion. Nanna would love it, I'm sure. Hope the rearranging goes well.

Brenda said...

The kids look very smart all dressed up.....even if it was in the car!

Your brother is a clever man, I think I would have to go back for a second maybe even a third helping......it all looks so good!

Have fun with the room change. When I do something like that I'm like a machine.....I won't rest until I'm done.

Haven and Home said...

Look at those sweet little ones, so precious. I am glad your Nana had a beautiful service, I know she is happy!

Tania said...

So glad to hear that Nanna was remembered for all the good things in life.

Now what is it with kids and that complete lack of thermostat?

Wendy said...

Sorry to hear of your loss, but glad that you were able to make such a lovely trip of it.

Posie Patchwork said...

Thanks everyone, yes, it's hard to be anything other than grateful for knowing such an awesome woman who lived into her 90's at her funeral. It was a lovely celebration, love Posie