06 September 2010

patchworking my heart out

Greetings all,
Voila, a sneak peek at two quilt tops i'm making for 8y.o. twins.  The mother has gorgeous taste & with her English & Euro heritage, loved the idea of a bohemian classic colourful patchwork for her daughter (Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner are perfection) & a vintage blue/ red combination (hello Cath Kidston) for her son.  I snuck in a little bit of Paris & London to the mix, as they speak French too!!  Each quilt is over 2m square, made from 196 squares, so they'll have these huge quilts for so many purposes throughout their lives.
Just in case i didn't have enough fabric at my finger tips, i went shopping over at Retro Mummy on the weekend & check it out . . . Japanese printed fabic glory!!  Some different colours to add to my bolts & beautiful Parisian scenes - street scape, balloons, patchwork, ahhhhh. 
Check out Corrie's sweet family Retro Mummy blog too, i spy a chocolate giveway on right now!! 
Do pikelets ever disappoint, especially on a rainy post-party afternoon??  What an easy recess filler, only it's too easy to eat half a dozen as you make them. 
Ok, head down bottom up, more sewing for this weekend.  Don't forget to enter the Father's Day fabric GIVEAWAY or Canberra folks - Handmade & Mathilda's Markets are both on this weekend.  Love Posie


Jennie said...

I love the bohemian classic look, really really gorgeous Jennie!

kirsty said...

your quilt tops look fantastic, love the fabrics you have chosen. have a great week.


moose and bird said...

Nice quilts Posie.....I love a little bit of bohemian goodness. x

The Handmaden said...

Fantastic looking quilts!
Pikelets have to be my kid's favourite, they never fail to please.


These quilts will brighten up any rainy day!!!! Beautiful.

Glenys said...

Nice and colourful. The last picture looks yummy.

Corrie said...

oh those quilts are so pretty! the colours just sing out to you!

well done, I'd love to be patchworking my little heart out!


Miss Prudence said...

luvlee!!! Might just pop back into the kitchen to make me some piklets right now.....love those quilts.
Hope Father's day wasn't too melancholy for you all. He'll be home soon : )


Chantal said...

ooh, I love Paris prints too!

randi---i have to say said...

i just love scrappy quilts. these look great!

Heidi said...

Posie those quilts are sooooo Fab
and your pancakes those kids are spoiled to have a Mom like you!!

Catherine said...

What fabulous, gorgeous, groovy quilts in wonderful colours! I am the lucky mum, how lucky will my children be to have these! Hopefully for the rest of their lives. Good luck at the Markets on the weekend and see you soon Jennie!