06 August 2010

the aftermath & getting tough & winning with positivity (blog style)

Greetings all,
Thanks so much for your support bloggers, you're all aces.  Quite the year of theft i've suffered . . . an entire basket of pencil rolls from a Mathilda's Market, then my phone/ coin purse in Venice, now a break in at home.  Promise i'm a good person, but geesh, what bad luck.
So looking on the positive & after a pep talk from my butcher (of course) who told me to "refuse to be a victim" you do start to get over such personal violations & get TOUGH, beat them with the positives in your life!!  Look at all the beautiful things i have had arrive in the past couple of weeks for me to play with, sewing & creating new things . . .
. . . patterns & prints from The Red Thread, thanks Lisa!!
. . . 80 yards of fabrics from the USA & Japan . . .
these beautiful screen prints from Thea&Sami in Qld Australia
. . . from Venice, if i can bare to cut into them, those 3 little pieces were 200E, ouch . . .
i have quite the collection of buttons like this, TOO cute, it's all in the details
. . . my new badge making machine, 57mm & fantastic, for screen printed prints to birthday badges, coming to Shop Handmade next week - seriously inexpensive brooches. . .
sigh, my old laptop, i miss you, my custom settings, ease of use, let me tell you - learning a new photo resize & rejig system for this blog post has taken me ages, these are the annoying things post-laptop-theft!!
. . . but how could i be sad when this arrived in the mail . . . check out this incredible blog win - thanks Heidi, i'm wrapped, love everything about it, from the necklaces to postcards & personal touches - friends, Heidi said the giveaway was for the Danish scoop, but look at all the additions, love her!!  Check out her amazing vintage loving blog.
On a final note, from my pal Brenda, all you do need is LOVE, burglars clearly have no clue!!  Yes, we're all safe & now our front hedge has a serious military buzz cut & the grills have been measured up for the front window, we'll feel a whole lot safer in no time.  Have great weekends, i feel a giveaway is in order, stay tuned, love Posie
PS just had Stacey over & a police officer came to my house to ask me about my neighbour being broken into 6 days before me, i was gob smacked, bastards, they've hit a few houses now, same thing, electronics, cash & incredibly neat!!  Just wish i knew so i could have removed laptops & left puppy IN the house!!  To think we live in such a low crime area, they're just after cash but what a way to go about it!!??
Finally - excuse the tiny print, i'm trying to work out why it's so huge my end, tiny on the internet, i think i have set up something on this replacement laptop, differently.  The IT guy i sleep with, you know, for free IT help - as i'd rather be sewing than learning computer technology thanks, anyway, he can fix it when he returns from war!!  This is my 'good enough' mean time computer skills, bare with me.


Little Ted Canvas said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your break in, it's such a horrible feeling not to mention the theft!!! I'm also pleased to hear that you are standing tough (not easy), and all those goodies look fabulous, love the fabrics. Take care x

Thea said...

Stay strong sweetie! It is annoying that you have to do so much work all over again but just think how blessed you are that you can and that you have your gorgeous healthy family around you. Thinking of you! x

Lizzie said...

So, so sorry to read about your invasion/burglary/theft, I do know from experience what a bad taste it leaves. Glad that your picking up and getting on with it, can't let the b*****ds win!! Lovely lot of loot you have though :o)
Take care and have a good weekend..

Christina said...

Oooh no! That's terrible. Bastards indeed. So sorry to hear that this has happened to you. Hope the computer glitches get sorted out. Can you change the font size in your post using the button in the top bar? I have to change mine to small all the time, as blogger changes some of the words to large for me, without my consent.

Hope more positives come your way!


m.e (Cathie) said...

ohh sweetie, good to hear you have good people around you ...and fabric ;) to make you smile.
you are amazing and strong & wish lots of positivity around you.

Jennie said...

Hey Jennie. Thats alot of love in your post box! Keep strong, you are sounding really positive.
I hope everything gets sorted without too much hassle.
Keep letting us know how things are going.
lots of love to you guys.xxxx

moose and bird said...

Hi Posie,
You and your family are in my thoughts. Here's hoping to lots of good things coming your way real soon. Smile and be happy. xo

The Handmaden said...

Good to know you're bouncing back, all that gorgeous fabric has to help somehow!

Heidi said...

It sure took along time, I'm glad you liked it, thats too bad about the other houses in your area, take care Heidi

Kylie said...

Oh honey hugs. Thinking of you. I just told Tim and his comment was drugs - things that they can move quickly so money and lappy and jewels. Wow to the neighbours - shame they dont talke to you:( would have been helpful to know.

Stay strong.

Love Us

Gifts Created said...

Oh babe glad you have such loving people around you during this time. Stay strong! Sending my love from Sydney!

The Creative Beast said...

OH! i feel your pain - glad to hear you've saved so much of your work on a hard drive but to think of all that was kept on your laptop and having to re-learn a new system - UGH! being technologically challenged as i am, I really sympathize =-(

Good for you for sticking to your guns and finding a higher up to agree to your needs for more security!! GO POSIE!! =-)