10 June 2010

My Creative Space 'markets are a funny thing'

Greetings all,
Well first of all, i have to announce the randomly drawn winner of the G I V E A W A Y from last week's My Creative Space post.  Congratulations Steph from Mon Petit Poppet.  Yippee, couldn't have gone to a sweeter blogger.  You win . . . Oh & the G I V E A W A Y - 2 pairs of Tasmanian Oak knitting needles, 2 sets of fabric hair clips, a dozen fabric covered buttons & 6 fat eighths of amazing Japanese printed fabrics??!! I can only imagine the magic you'll create with these!!
Now with Handmade Market exhaustion, busy work at Shop Handmade (have sold 3 Posie patchwork quilts this month!!), school assignments about year 3 camp + the usual spelling lists times 4 children & throw in the heart ache of losing two soldiers in Afghanistan this week, my nights have been, well, quiet & still.  Thank you all for your emails asking about my husband, no, he wasn't involved, alas, two other families have lost their special soldiers.
Anyway, hard up for an idea of what to do for this week's Creative Space, i thought i'd do a little behind the scenes of a market stall for you. 
Hiding behind people's stalls you might find giant Ikea bags with extra stock; small children who are actually fabulous help & company; handmade banners; their shopping - like a 3rd giraffe from Allana C; delicious cup cakes like pARTy cakes (more about Liz's cakes in another post, um, 2 dozen came home with me, hey, i have lots of children - this particular one was a hello gift from Plushka).  We listen & watch to find what makes customers smile/ where they spend their time/ what they chose & their comments (mercifully i don't hear too many "i could make that" which i can assure you, breaks a market designer's heart!!)  But markets are a funny thing, it is Winter & that means knitting season yet i sold dozens more knitting needles in Summer than i did on the weekend??  Look at all those beautiful Sheep's Clothing goodies, Stacey is now in Shop Handmade too!!  Recognise the gorgeous mummy in the last photo, well that is the lovely Ros from Grace Designs!!  With a new baby in her life, Ros hasn't been making much lately but it was great to see so many customers & other stall holders with her hair accessories adorning heads!! 
Happy Creative Spacing everyone, i'm off to steam mop the floors, clean the leather on the lounge (both MIGHTY jobs i assure you) & play with my little shelving units from Freedom.  Why, because i actually love housework, snore i know & we're off to Sydney for the Quilt Show tomorrow, stay tuned for a big post on Sunday.  Enjoy your long weekend, i'd best get sewing!!  Love Posie


Jennie said...

What a gorgeous helper you have Jennie! The market looks great - i like seeing behind the scenes!
Thank you!

(and I am so loving those giraffes!)

yardage girl said...

Great post - it's always interesting to see behind the scenes - there is so much that goes into making a market a nice one! have a great long weekend too! Nic
P.S. Have tried to email you a couple of times yesterday and today, but it keeps bouncing back - hope your internet is OK

Tania said...

One day, I'm going to pop by and you're going to be having a nice cup of tea and time for you, with feet up and a spot of knittery or handsewing. OK??????!!!!

Karens Hopes said...

Looks like a great day and have a great time in Sydney (I'm jealous)
Karen x

Little Ted Canvas said...

Your stall looks amazing, sweet little assistant you have there too..I'm so pleased your husband is ok, I was thinking of you when I heard that horrible news..my thoughts & prayers go out to those poor families, just so very sad...I hope all goes brilliantly in Sydney, have fun! x

beck said...

Thanks for the market shots, it looks like a great day. I'm glad to hear your husband is ok - it must be very scary having him away at times like this. I'm always amazed at what you achieve, do you ever sleep? Hope you have a wonderful time in Sydney xo

Steph said...

YAY!!! I sooo wanted to win your giveaway...I must have willed it into happening. Thanks so much lovely lady!! My thoughts were with you when I heard about the tragic loss of those poor fellows. What a terrible time for their families. Hug those bubbies of yours extra hard :)

Miss Prudence said...

Markets look great! Lovely clear day for it too...yes very scary stuff about loving an army man, essentially they are at work and there is always a chance of the unthinkable....I remember the same fears when G was serving. Have some good memory making time in Sydney...xxxxx

Stacey said...

Every time I hear awful news about a serviceman I think of you. I can't imagine what you must go through.
If the soldiers are brave, then surely their wives and families must be doubly so.
Doesn't your daughter look beautiful in her beanie? Such a pretty girl.
Have a lovely time in Sydney.