01 June 2010

i love the earth & other confessions . . .

Greetings all,
As i prepare for Handmade Market this Saturday, i'm finding hand stitching is a very relaxing way to end the day.  I'm using 'odd' hair clips to hold my jersey & fleece baby wraps together while i bind the edges with pretty embroidery thread.  First day of Winter here in Canberra, it was glorious, sunshine, warm, delightful, but baby's still need their wraps!!  Here's one for the boys, Robot March with blue spots on the reverse.
Now, i promise i love the earth & i'm anti plastic when i can be (don't mess with my Tupperware obsession though) . . . my children don't use plastic bags at school, they have small lunch boxes, i'm a saint.  But when it comes to selling fabric products which can spoil with dust/ dirt/ storage/ grubby fingers at a market, i have to use cello bags.  In order to not waste the plastic, i use different sizes for different things & check out the variety available!!

While i'm making confessions about my business practises . . . i also use child labour!!  Just for the record, this particular child just loves to be near me & she didn't have to do this, or line them up so neatly, she's just orderly. 
& this boy chose to sleep inside his doona cover for some strange reason last night!!  Ok ok, i make my children sleep on the floor & lease out their beds for extra cash, alright!!

This puppy is our guard dog, he sleeps in the hall way at night in Winter & gets to wear an Alpaca overcoat for luxe - no animals are harmed in protecting our family, he lives better than we do!! 
Finally, this donkey has proven quite handy at delivering messages.  Our 3rd daughter is finding it very hard to cope without Daddy.  She doesn't like to draw attention to herself & i feel, this was her indirect way of communicating her emotions.  She tucked this note in donkey's peg mouth, looked at me, tears welled up in her eyes & we hugged for an hour, bless her.  Handsome Soldier called tonight after a long absense from communication & we had a lot of catching up to do, from explaining why there is a new starter motor in the car & my finger crisis to confirming we have all toilets flushing again & the girls came home from camp.  Exciting stuff!!  Love Posie


Corrie said...

ohhhhhhh the note about daddy gets me all teary too! oh you're a good mum!

love the child labour! hanging out for the time keira can do more help! she does like to unpack and repack boxes for me and sit and chat and try to help so we'll get there!

see you saturday!!!!!!!!

clare's craftroom said...

Poor little thing I hope she got to talk to Dad ! By the way my little business wouldn't survive without child labour but I hadn't thought about renting their beds mmm something to think about , lol !

Kylie said...

Child Labour - never. Your children just love there Mumma and need to be near her. Hugs to all - the note had me with tears in my eyes - not sure how I will go if my said handsome soldier is called away next year:(
Take it easy Mrs Posie - glad to see that you are slowing down. Oh and there is a place around here that you can get those cello bags (like a warehouse I think - shall find out for you)

m.e (Cathie) said...

child labour & plastic!!! what kind of a person are you..heheee :)

aww that note is the sweetest ♥
hope the Posie family have a wonderful month

Asteria said...

you and your children are very brave. I also got teary eyed from that note.

manda said...

Hi Posie
I cant imagine how hard it must be for you to have your handsome soldier far away when your kids are missing their daddy :(
And thanks for the giggle... cello bags are ok...at least they were plants and rot back into the earth.
manda x

Thea said...

I hope your girl felt better after speaking to daddy. It must be so hard for them. Luckily you keep them busy. BTW Cellophane is biodegradable so no worries there. I hope you have a great market. xx

notquitecrafty said...

I feel for your little girl & for you. I know how much my eldest son struggled when his Dad was in the Gulf for 6 months & didn't call the boys very much - he didn't tell me how he was feeling either, you could just tell by his behaviour.

And you have also solved my baby buying present - was going to be looking for something on Saturday & now I know where to look! Kelli

Rosalind said...

You know Cello is biodegradable?! Hugs for the kiddies and YOU! x

Kerry said...

I have that donkey note holder too but it's never had anything as lovely as that in it's mouth. It must be so hard for all of you. Glad you got to spend some time on the phone with your man. I'm all for child labour...why else would you have kids!!

Posie Patchwork said...

Thanks for all the green loving environmental messages about the cello bags being biodegradable, i had no idea, brilliant!! Also thrilled to see most mums use child labour, so much more comfortable with in-house slavery now. Happy to share the handy tip of leasing out beds, sure, why not, sometimes i wonder why i have bedrooms for my children when every weekend they want to sleep in one room like a camp!! Love Posie

Stacey said...

I'm a big fan of child labour too! Not that they can knit, but they are good at doing other stuff while I'm doing the knitting.
Your daughter's note brings tears to my eyes. What a lovely family you are.

Tammy James said...

Hi posie,

Oh the donkey is cute and the story makes me teary. I 'might' see you at the markets this weekend ... no promises but I will say hi If I make it.