15 March 2010

oh no, where did my internet go??

Greetings all,
Just as i settled in for a quiet weekend of movies, blogs & mercifully only one party on . . . where did my internet connectivity go??  Seeing i had a tonne of sewing, i kept myself busy in the studio, watched Atonement (torture for an Army wife) but by Sunday i was detemined to get a connection!!  Well, 3 hours of my life i'll never get back, spread over telephone calls to India, Malaysia, Bigpond-customer-service-land . . . i finally had to accept i needed a tech out to the house, "how long would that take??" i moaned to Gupta . . . i miss blog land & business emails might help you know, run my business . . . oh, only 20 minutes!!  Bless the lovely young man who flew in, fixed everything, including wireless router, had to listen to me talk lovingly & longingly to my husband on the phone, while he reconfigured the childrens' laptops . . . 2 hours pass & i'm still offering him food & drink (i was starving) . . . i stopped short of asking him if he needed the bathroom before he left. 
Ahhh . . . welcome back internet!!  So long $179 call out fee!! 
It did rather cap off my weekend with children behaving poorly, missing my husband terribly, running out of eggs - all things can lead to tears you know . . . surely Monday morning will work out better??  I know, i'll treat myself to a new hair cut, lovely!!  But no, planets not aligned, even though i got a walk up appointment . . . the fire alarms went off in the shopping centre, "please evacuate".  So i did the groceries while talking to my sister on my mobile, her fault, she called, she asked how my day was going . . . life is back to strawberry goodness again.  Seeing i only had time to pop a few strawberries in my mouth for lunch, on they way out the door for school pick up - i thought this Reprodepot print was rather perfect.

Wishing you all lovely weeks, with smooth internet connectivity!!  Love Posie


life and the memoirs said...

Boy can I relate!! I'm so reliant on my internet connection these days, if it didn't do its thing I'd feel totally cut off from the world!
It wasn't long ago that I experienced a problem with my itunes account which eventually turned out to be a problem with my ipod!! After nearly 1.5 hours speaking to a tech savvy expert in Singapore (I think) I was sent to my local Apple store which eventually resulted in me receiving a brand new ipod!
Technology bliss when it works, plenty of stress and much conversation to the other side of the world when it fails.
So glad you are back with us :)

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hooray for the internet man and strawberries!

I too am attempting to acquire a haircut this week, we will see what happens!

Have a brilliant week,

Sarah x

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hooray for the internet man and strawberries! I too am attempting to acquire a new haircut this week, we will see!

Have a brilliant week,

Sarah x

How amazing is the scene at Dunkirk?

Lizzie said...

How quickly we become reliant!!! Can't imagine life without my computer and the 'net! Said it before and I'll repeat, I would rather lose the idiot box for a month than my computer for a day -honestly I would, perhaps that's why we have three in a house of two humanoids??? Hehe!!

yardage girl said...

Nice to have you back! I hope this week is much better than your weekend. Nic

Tracey said...

Oh the telstra/bigpond beast... always a circus! So glad you're back with us.

Kylie said...

Glad that everything is Strawberries again. Lovely fabric by the way.

That poor bigpond boy did not know that he was entering a house of a women that was missing her hubby:)

Hope that your week continues to improve. Me I am a sicky this week - think it is stress all built up:(

VintageVicki said...

Had no computer here for most of yesterday as MrVV was re-installing everything and generally making my pooter more up-to-date & less cluttered - after 6 hours I was starting to get the shakes!!!

Good luck for a 2nd attempt @ a haircut - your comment made me chuckle!

Megan.K. said...

Wonder if it's something with the planets... so many people have had testing times of late!
Thank goodness for the IT guy - gotta love them.
Here's to a better rest-of-the-week for all.

Posie Patchwork said...

For those Reprodepot LOVERS . . . that's a paper print, i use it on stickers & fun things like paper chains, it's not fabric ho hum. Just a gorgeous printable folksy pattern which i totally love. Love Posie

Steph said...

You poor love! Hope your week is on the up now and that lunch is a little more hearty tomorrow. Yes, internet connection can fry one's brain!!! :)

Anonymous said...

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Sindy said...

How funny - I can just see you dissolving into tears over a lack of eggs! Glad you are up and running again IT wise, it is nice to have a break from craft (I say that trying to type as I crochet another granny square...) T x

clare's craftroom said...

Jennie you poor thing ! Amazing that things come in lumps like that , sigh , surely it can only get better !

Gilly said...

Oh I hope its been all smooth sailing from here on in xxx

Corrie said...

I miss you when you're not online!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate said...

I'd say the money was worth it to get the internet back!! Love the strawberry print