04 February 2010

a little big OVER exCITED at this NEW market NEWS from Handmade Canberra's UpMarket

Greetings all,
Well i'm most excited to be invited to once again attend the fabulous Handmade Market. Can you believe that our nation's capital city is so hard up on decent function centres, like a lovely town hall, which is big enough & NOT being renovated or run by crazy people?? Well Handmade has moved, again - yes, Canberra's most popular & amazingly well supported market is going to be held this year at . . . the Kamberra Wine Estate in their beautiful DeVine Function Centre.

Couldn't imagine a more beautiful setting with an open fireplace, stain glass windows, covered verandas opening to vineyards, gardens & reflection pond.  This is a city where kangaroos really do hop down the main streets & there is a vineyard only 5km up the road from Parliament House.  Kamberra Wine Estate is on Northbourne Avenue (Federal Highway & corner Flemington Road, opposite EPIC & next to the Race Course) in Lyneham ACT.
Thankfully the first market is as soon as next month - Sunday 28th March 10a.m. to 4p.m. & i'll have an outdoor stall among the vines thanks, how delightful??!!
Other Handmade Market dates for the year are . . . Saturday 5th June, Saturday 11th September & Saturday 4th December all 10a.m. to 4p.m.  Considering applying to Handmade??  Go through their website & apply a.s.a.p. it's very selective & limited stalls, with large emphasis on handmade, handcrafted, originaility, design, high end, own produce & baking!!  Over 10 000 people have attended each of the last 3 markets (there have only been 5 markets so far, it's reputation is incredible, just read the newspapers in the build up hype & anticipation before each market) & has the most fabulous atmosphere, food, wine, craft . . . 
First up i have Mathilda's Market at the end of this month, so i'd better stop blogging & get some sewing done.  I'm literally jumping out of my skin, yes, Oprah style again.  Love Posie


Market Girl said...

Glad to hear Posie, can't wait to see all your fabulous new things.

Corrie said...

what a gorgeous venue!


Lark said...

Hey, we need to go to Canberra for a work trip soon, maybe I could time it in?? I have heard such good things about the market xx

Little Angel Little Devil said...

Hi beautiful,

Great post!! xx Rach

ensparkle ceramics said...

looking forward to seeing your stuff at Mathilda's....the new Handmade venue looks fab - fingers crossed I make the cut :-)

Helen x

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it