10 January 2010

& it was one of THOSE days . . .

Greetings all,

In line with my new committment to blogging more frequently & enjoying it lots, i have to confess while i like to pretend each day is paradise, some are not. It's not the children, they have been happy, splashing about outside, playing beautifully, even dress ups in my wedding dress (a whole other post), making up new games (turning our walk in robe into a 'party booth' complete with closed doors, disco ball & iPod - the door b***h tried to charge me $1 for entry to my own bathroom this afternoon) . . . it's me. Some days i'm down with a headache, such is my brain. I do all the right things, eat well, drink plenty of water & exercise, yet headaches still find me.
So today was happily wasted lying on the lounge under a fan, watching Mad Men (oh that Don Draper, is it so hard just to love your beautiful wife Betty??!!) & drinking icey cold glasses of water (i know, shock to the system to you wellness enthusiasts, alas, it was 37C in Canberra today, i wanted ice damn it) & dinner was literally thrown together as follows - sausages browned in a casserole dish in the oven, turned, browned, toss in herbs, canellini beans & splash of apple juice, cook some more & serve. I went to the effort of making a spinach & herb salad with beetroot (yum) & the children filled up with some wholemeal bread. Easy. Another recipe from 'The Silver Spoon adapted to busy housewives who have a headache' & everyone has a fully belly. They have been informed they are having an early night!!
Now i've finished the Mad Men DVD seasons 1 & 2, well i'm at a bit of a loss of what to do next time i have a headache. I don't think i could do True Blood while unwell, maybe Desperate Housewives?? See, i have all these on DVD as i work alone, 30 hours a week in a studio & like televison company but can't stomach day time rubbish.
I have a bit more of a spring in my step since eating dinner - we eat early - but i've made my blog life easier, like simple settings & WiFi in the house. Also, i found my original small digital camera which i thought i lost at Floriade in 2008. The replacement camera was squashed in my handbag at a party. The replacement's replacement was purchased last month. All Nikon Cool Pix for those who care, we like to stick to a brand. Anyway, the original camera was found a week after the purchase of the 3rd one (by a very patient & understanding husband) so it's now back up to the latest one which is sooo easy to download & make my blog posts quick & easy. I like simple technology. I've also fiddled with my blog, I think it's running smoothly & i hope you enjoy!! I don't mind anonymous comments, but just in case i ever get a mean comment, well i am not posting it, who wants to hear mean people on line?? Get a life!!
Only on a Sunday hey, any other day, well light my tail, i have things to do & suffer that headache. Just can't quite get my font size right, maybe a tinkered too far?? Love Posie


Corrie said...

loving that your blogging regularly! it's addictive watching out! I try not to miss a day now!


beccasauras said...

Hmm, maybe you caught it off me? I had a 'that time of the month' laying down day, had to cancel a coffee date too as was breaking out in cold swaets and jelly legs, bah humbug, he's cute too. I'm now catching up on sewing after mine was ordered to bed as well. Hope tomorrow's better :)

The Handmaden said...

Hope your headache disappears, I find heat and tiredness a bad combination for headaches, I had one today too.

Julie said...

Headache here today too, probably the weather but I could have done with a few episodes of desp. h'wives, missed the whole last series because I thought my brother had it on his hard drive, turned out he didn't. Bother.

Violet and Rose said...

I'm waiting for the energy levels to pick up too. I think all the end of year hoopla was so draining and now I feel like I've fallen in a heap and I'm waiting to bound out of bed one morning feeling all chipper. Hmmm. I so get the headache thing though. Keep drinking that water!

Purple Paisley Patch said...

Hope your head is feeling better. Hot days and headaches are a killer combination. We have one airconditioned room in our house and I live in it in Summer, I can't take the heat.
Looking fwd to reading more on your blog, might inspire me to get back into it.
Kelly :-)

Jodie said...

heat is a killer for headaches...try and stay cool. Today is a scorcher.

Kate said...

Need to see if the dvd shop has mad men season 2! I've just watched The Tudors seasons 1-3 - it was great.

Amy said...

Hello gorgeous Posie!

Thanks for your lovely comments. I hope the headache is gone and you're feeling better. Ooh, and happy new year!! May 2010 be wonderfully creative and inspiring.

Yay for regular blogging! One of my commitments this year too. My poor blog slid with the busy-ness that was 2009. I hope that 2010 will be a different story :)

So glad that the Moyou pieces were loved by the nieces at Christmas time. Thanks so much for letting me know! Love Amy x.

Jelly Wares said...

You poor thing... It sure does sound like those headaches hit you for 6... I hope they don't come your way too often..

Take Care
Jodie :)

Little Angel Little Devil said...

Ohh I'm loving all the blogging!! I'm all inspired to update my blog..last post Nov last year!!!! but now that I think about it I might just enjoy reading yours instead!! So sorry about your headaches, that totally sucks. We are all looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!! Cheers and love for now Rach